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Wednesday, June 18th 2008

8:40 PM

Year of the Salome 21... so far...

  • Mood: slightly un-nerved.
  • Music: Dream Theater
  • Food: Oh, fulfilling rice and beans
  • Drink: Black Tea with Rose and Honey
So far, it's a great year. My birthday went very well, thanks to all who participated in some way or other. Twas damn interesting, after a while, and now I'm glad everything cooled down, for the moment.

And for this year in metal,.... Man, so many great bands. Dimmu Borgir, Three Inches of Blood, Black Dahlia Murder, Opeth, the paganfest with Eluveitie, Tyr and many more, Dark Tranquility, the all-mighty Dethklok and now I just heard Iced Earth will be coming in October. Along with all the bands touring with these acts, this will be a very memorable year in metal for me. (Dana, you've got to come up to see Iced Earth!)

Well, it seems another one of my yearly trends has come around, and I seem to be re-locating once more. That's 4 times in 3 years. No Bueno. But this place is better for me than any place I've lived in before, both monetarily and roommate wise. Cool guy I don't really know but that I trust and we get along. Yay.
It's in NE, near Killingsworth, an area and neighborhood in which I've fallen in love. Combined that with the actual house and it's garden, the close-ness of restaurants and stores, and bike routes,  I really do think (and hope) that this will be my new mostly permanent home. Until, you know, 10 years from know when I'll be rich and infamous.

Speaking of infamous, that Ron Jeremy guy is in Portland an awful lot.

I've recently been involved in a ton of personal trauma, drama, and discovery. It was a great revelation that I discovered that I, am in fact, a drama queen. I am not very proud of this, mind, but hopefully it's one of those kinds of problems that 'Now you know what it is, you can admit it's a problem and begin to fix it" sort of things. To anyone who wishes to help me in this, when ever I get gossipy, stop me.

A quote from one of my favorite punk bands that I recent found via SU, :"I would rather live in prison in a George Orwellian world, than a pacified society of happy boys and girls. I would rather know my enemy and let you know the same, who's windows were smashed and who's tires were slashed. And where to point the fucking blame"   Propaghandi

A very happy congratulations  to my dearest friend Alyx on his wedding. I know it's belated, but I still wanted you to know how truly happy I feel for you and your bride. A thousand blessings!

According to numerologist Glynis MCCants, this year, a 1 year, is the year for fierce competition. Ain't that the truth. It seems every corner of my life has been throwing me bags of competition. Doesn't it just bite that I'm not very competitive? Patience seems to be the best way for me to "win" anything. It's worked so far at work, which is smoothing nicely, and I hope it will carry over to the other aspects of my life. She also mentions August of this year to be particularly moving. The Olympics in China, more election drama, also happens to be when my restaurant is closing for remodeling. We shall see...

Does anyone know of the edible possibilities of seahorses? I had an odd dream today of a seahorse that was curled around the base of a pineapple. It might have been one of "those" dreams and I've just been witness to the newest craze in exotic foods. Or I'm just crazy. Oh, you know I am!

Leaving with a touching song, one I know many people have adopted as theme or dogma.


There was no time for pain
No energy for anger
The sightlessness of hatred
slips away
Walking through winter streets
He stops and take a breath
With confidence and self-

I look at the world and see no
I'm waiting to find some sense
of strength
I'm begging you from the
bottom of my heart to show
me understanding

I need to live life
Like some people never will
So find me kindness
Find me beauty
Find me truth
When temptation brings me to
my knees
And I lay here drained of
Show me kindness
Show me beauty
Show me truth

The way your heart sounds
makes all the difference
It's what decides if you'll endure
the pain that we all feel
The way your heart beats
makes all the difference
In learning to live
Here before me is my soul
I'm learning to live
I won't give up
Till I've no more to give

Listening to the city
Whispering its violence
I set out watching from above
The 90s bring new questions
New solutions to be found
I fell in love to be let down

Once again we dance in the
At times a step away
From a common fear that's all
spread out
It won't listen to what you say
Once you're touched you stand
To face the bitter fight
Once I reached for love
And now I reach for life

Another chance to lift my life
Free the sensation in my heart
To ride the wings of dreams
into changing horizons
It brings inner peace within my
As I'm lifted from where I've
spilt my life
I hear an innocent voice
I hear kindness, beauty and

The way your heart sounds
makes all the difference
It's what decides if you'll endure
the pain that we all feel
The way your heart beats
makes all the difference
In learning to live
Spread before you is your soul
So forever hold the dreams
within our hearts
Through nature's inflexible
I'm learning to live"

Dream Theater, "Learning to Live", Images and Words.

Twilight and Beauty,
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Monday, May 12th 2008

9:09 PM

I love internetz. And my bike.

  • Mood: crabby
  • Music: WITTR
  • Food: Mexican... but it wasn't sushi!
  • Drink: Liquid bread
I was stumbling earlier, (for those of you not in the know, google the firefox application Stumbleupon. It is the best thing ever.)... and came across a blog by a guy in SF about biking in the city. Read here.

I'd like to elaborate on his advice, tempered through Portland's streets.

It really is worth it to get a lighter bike. It might not make you stronger, but damn it's easier to get on and off the max.

The max and buses are your friends. Especially if you are like me and work 12 hour shifts, when you can't countenance riding up those hills in the blessed (read fucking) rain, take the bus. But make sure the driver hears you when you tell them you are getting your bike. One lady screamed at me cause she didn't hear me tell her.

The trails, especially the Riverside trails, are so worth it. No traffic and it's really beautiful.

Green boxes will save lives. Seriously, there have been at least 3 bike related deaths in the past year that I can recall, and more injuries. Use the green box.

Don't ride drunk. Idiots.

If you ride while on mj, pay extra close attention to everything. Yeah, you might hit that paranoid state, but you are in the city with other high idiots who might not be paying attention.
I definately recommend riding on the trails while a wee bit high, it's quite enjoyable.

Don't ride while on any pills or hallucinogens.

And remember that drugs like THC stays in your muscles, so if you don't ride as regularly as you smoke, you might suddenly feel high. Regular exercise gets rid of toxins stored in your body, and THC stores as a toxin.

I've noticed there are a lot of drivers who stop, or almost stop at an intersection, then see you coming. But then they either slowly move forward and try to gauge how long it will take you to cross the intersection, or they will just try to beat you. My advise, always stop and let the assholes go. Because, yes you have the right of way (unless you are at a stop sign, but I'm referring mostly to Ankney) but would you rather be right and dead, or have to stop and start again and still live?

Front lights only do good when you've got traffic coming at you. Don't rely on it to light your way.
Back lights, especially annoying blinking ones, rock.

Quick releases are like leaving your expensive car locked with the windows rolled down a bit. Inviting. Replace them.

Skirts while riding,... ok. But short skirts with thongs? Not so much.
I don't care if you look cute as hell, don't fucking wear high heels while riding. I don't care if you are just riding up to Hawthorne and Clinton areas, don't do it.

Downtown is perfect for riding on the streets. In fact, it's illegal to ride on the sidewalks in downtown. Just avoid the streets that connect with heavy bridge traffic and you'll be fine. Oh, and don't ride too close to the homeless. It's disrespectful.  (I'm against the sit/lie ordinance, btw.)

Helmet. Looks gay, but fucking rules. Where it, bitch.
Knee pads are too much, though.

And you live in fucking Portland. If you aren't prepared to get soaked to the bone, go back to California. Those silly wet suits make you look like wannabe seals. Or Olympic aspirants. Some of you may be, but go do that somewheres else.

I love the whole riding with your kid thing. I once watched a dad ride with his son to school everyday, with the younger daughter in a trailer on the back. Fucking adorable. Respect the children.

Travel with an air pump and all purpose Allen wrench. And a plastic grocery bag to cover your seat. For when it rains. Which is all the time.

City Bikes, 19th and SE Ankney, will save your life. They lend you the tools to fix your bike. Give advise too. Great networking place.

Refrain from locking your bike anywhere near Lloyd Center. It will be stolen. Likewise for anywhere downtown for an extended period of time. Lock it inside if you can, or in those lock boxes.

Ok, that's all I can think of for the moment.

What a fuckin day. Night everyone.

Twilight and Beauty,

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Thursday, May 8th 2008

10:10 PM

Materialistic much?

  • Mood: Sleepy but enthused
  • Music: Oakhelm!
  • Food: stir fry
  • Drink: spring water
I hate to think of myself as a materialistic person. I think we all could use more thought and energy into attaining a better spiritual life than a bigger house with more useless shit. And yet, I am also very fond of certain things that make my physical life enjoyable. Food, and wine, and so on. With my birthday coming up, I've realized that, and this is a pretentious moment, some people may elect to gift me with something. This also being my 21st birthday, I've realized that the most common thing to buy someone is a shot glass or beer.

Let me put this out there now, wither or not anyone decided to buy me anything. Which I don't recommend, I much prefer your company!

Do not, please, buy me a shot glass. I've got enough wine glasses, and if you think a drinking gift is necessary, I'd appreciate a nice sake set. Or a good tea set, too. I loves tea.
I love knives, and I have to get mine sharpened, a lot. So buy me a gift certificate or something to get my knives sharpened.
I love books, and music about equally. Hint? I also like candles, incense,  sewing etc. Another great gift  would be to buy me tickets to a show that I plan on attending? Or perhaps, go with me and buy me a shirt. That's always great fun. Or, and I'm stealing this idea from VA, donate to a charity in my name. The YWCA of Great Falls, the Boys and Girls Club of Great Falls would be great too. Perhaps donate to some sort of pagan organization here in Portland or in MT. I'd love that!

Basically, I just don't want a bunch of useless crap hanging out in my room, or having something I'm never going to use. I appreciate all thoughts and gestures, but seriously, just buy me dinner or a good bottle of wine or something.

Anyway, I'm done being selfish, for the moment, and now I need to sleep.

Good night all.

Twilight and Beauty,

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Wednesday, May 7th 2008

10:30 AM

Metal is life, metal is love.

  • Mood: Inspired beyond just music
  • Music: Turisas!
  • Food: fuckin breakfast
  • Drink: warm soothing tea.

The best day of my life. Ever since I’ve returned home from downtown Portland the other night, I’ve been doubted. But, if you were me, and you had just experienced what I had, you’d be saying the same. I’ve been awaiting the Opeth concert for a season or more, and I knew it would be epic. My loving boyfriend, Ace, had bought me tickets as an early birthday present. I could not have been gifted better! As the days and hours became closer to the show, I became more and more excited, and yet calm, content in the knowledge that I would love every moment of that day. And I did. My day started at work, where they promised to let me go home early if I had come in and set up and done all the prep. I felt alive and purposeful with my knife and tongs in hand, food becoming one with my passion. Once everything was set up and ready, I left for home and took a glorious nap. Yes, the nap was glorious. I had opened my window, so birdsong and sunlight filtered in and made my dreams pleasant and intense. Then Ace and I got ready and left for dinner, at the fabulous Il Piatto. I had my favorite, gnocchi, and I felt full but not yet at the comatose level, it was perfect. We then made our way to the venue and there was no line, what a blessing. As we head in, I notice the crowd, which is relatively small, but intense. I saw one guy with tape over his hat that said “M. Akerfeldt for President” and on his shirt ‘Why vote for change when we can vote Progressive?”. I couldn’t have agreed more. Opeth’s logo was emblazoned on a high tapestry and most of the crowd had gathered in front of it. I snapped a photo of that. The opening act blew my mind. They are a band from New York named Three, a five man band consisting of vocalist/guitarist, bassist, rhythm guitarist, drummer and a separate percussionist specializing in old fashioned drums and shakers. If Dream Theater and Pink Floyd had a child that they fostered in South Africa native tribes, this would be Three. The sound they produced was mesmerizing and enchanting, with a folk and trip sound that made me want to dance in circles and head bang at the same time. I recommend checking them out… And the second act, Between the Buried and Me, who have visited Portland in the recent past, was so disappointing that I almost wanted to shake my head in shame. The band embers themselves were so extreamly talented and amazing, the songs they played (a set of 2 songs, each about 15 minutes) would have blown my mind, IF ONLY THEY HAD PLAYED AS A BAND! There was no group mind, no goals of energy that were the same. It was as if they had all written parts for the songs and emailed them to each other, got together and practiced a few times to get the timing right, and said, all right let’s go make some money. I hope they can pull it together, because I think they would be an amazing addition to the prog scene as it’s coming now.


As for Opeth, need I elaborate more on their amazing stage presence, especially of Mikael, they gracious way in which they wield their instruments and talents for us all to bathe in? I’ll not go on and on about how much I idolize and love this band, even with the two newcomers, who are by the way, and excellent addition. They opened with Demon of the Fall, which Mikael confessed later was normally their encore. I couldn’t think of a better opening. But the second song they played, and at that moment I felt higher than I’ve ever been! I felt something of my spirit straining so hard to get out and join the music in its myriad dancing that I would have gladly expired just to let my spirit have its wish. They played Master’s Apprentice, and it will forever be the best moment of my life. Ace, no one could have gotten me a better present. And they played it, and every song, so well, so Perfectly! and I will to my last breath recall the bass thumping my entire body and the notes humming in my head, along with the masterful voice and words.


They played only one song from their newest album, and I was so blown away at how brutal it was! As for the rest, they played Wreath, In My Time of Need, and Serenity Painted Death. I’m sure they played more than that, and I can’t quite recall which songs they were unless I’m actually listening to the album. But by the gods it was, glorious. It made my heart sing even louder to hear Mikael announce that this was one of the best times they’ve had in Portland. They had spent time downtown, in the mall and Pioneer Square, and I hope and wish that perhaps they had eaten in my restaurant, which is just 2 blocks away. My new goal is to make sure they stay in the hotel my restaurant is in when they come back this fall. Ah, yes, they said they’d return for the tour of their new album in the fall.


Ace also bought me an Opeth hoodie, which is the best thing ever.


And now, to the PaganMetal Fest, which is now acclaimed as the best show I ever had the pleasure of attending. Openers Oakhelm were Portland natives, and pretty fucking good, I can’t wait to go to more of their shows. Suidakra, from Germany, were the next band and those fuckers were metal! Next, blessedly, were Eluvietie, and they were the best act of the night. The stage presence of this band is like none other, with as many band members and instruments as they had. I can’t describe it well enough, look them up on youtube, along with all the other bands I’m mentioning. Then came Tyr, with their loyal following and Hammer-ness, you couldn’t go wrong. After them twas Turisas, who came decked in warpaint and furs. They got the crowd moving like no other show I’ve ever seen. We, all of us, were jumping and clapping. How often is it, that at a metal show you see every person, even those back in the bar, fucking dancing? They got us singing and moshing and that was the last I could take. I spent so much energy that I was ready to collapse, and so left before Ensefirum, though I’m assured they were amazing as well.


I can’t say anything negative against any of the bands that played last night; everything was amazing. I feel more inspired now than ever to take up my musical passions that I’ve let flounder in the wake of cooking. I want to dance! I want to inspire and remind of past glories, of days when we were all truly alive, and not zombies to corporations and “entertainment”.


Time will tell…look for pictures up soon on my myspace account.


Forgive me, I’m now taken by the irresistible urge to dance and sing.


Twilight and Beauty,



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Wednesday, April 30th 2008

6:23 PM


  • Mood: cheerful
  • Music: Pirate Metal!
  • Food: uh, beans and rice... what? I'm saving money for the metal shows!
  • Drink: Mutiny Water
As of right now, it is 4 days, 3 hours until I see Opeth live once more. According to Mike Thrasher, the tour is based on their newest, Watershed, and I'm amazed and anxious to hear it. But I'm also hoping they play something off of Still Life or Deliverance. We shall see. It will be beautiful, exotic and above all, original. This is Opeth we are speaking of. And on Monday, the Pagan Metalfest headlined by Eluveitie will be at the Hawthorne Theater, and I will be attending that also, in full Beltaine Regalia.

Oh, and Merry Beltaine. The spring is truly bountiful and lively this year.

It has recently crossed my mind (thanks to the good ol' myspace) of something I'd like to share. If given the situation, and I could take a bullet and save someone's life, I would unhesitatingly do so. Exception being someone I really disliked enough to have to hesitate. (ie Bush, Cheney, Hitler's reincarnation, etc.) But there wouldn't be a single moment to take to think of myself. Just do it. The same goes for any rescue attempt. It's just who I am. I hate humanity as it is with a passion that rivals my passion for life itself. See my conundrum? But it is life, and life is sacred. We as a race need to save ourselves and  then we can rise and, so to speak, Ascend, to the next stage of existence. But before all that, we really need to accept that we are all connected. I'm sure I've said this before. I know I've had this conversation, or variations thereof, many times in the past month. So I may sound like a broken record, but there it is.

In addition, I've learned something very valuable this past month. Even if there are a few absolutely wonderful things about a situation, trust your instincts. And, for those who may or may not be paying attention, do not, ever, insult my intelligence. The harm in doing so is worse than the satisfaction you may have had.

Clean cup, move down....

And with the spring is also another year to tally onto my age. This one, of course, the most important to most youths, is 21. Yay. I can now legally buy and consume alcohol. Meaning, of course, I will be having a bar hopping experience (but not too large of one, I can not drink too much without over-indulging, and I hate that!) So, Sunday the 25th around 8pm or so, if you are in Portland an able to go around and watch me make an ass of myself, get ahold of me. The only plan so far is Dantes/Verbatis Pan etc.

I'll be posting pics later next week of the shows, plus new ones of the garden in full bloom.

This week, Red Star has a new spring menu with some amazing changes (house-cured meats, oysters and other seafood galore, house smoked ribs, Kobe beef!) and along with that re-vamped how the kitchen is run. So, it's a great but exhausting week, and maybe month, ahead.

Eat well, and drink until you are happy but not until you are sick!

Let me take a moment to plug this band:

Seriously badass. Thanks Donut!

Twilight and Beauty,
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Wednesday, April 9th 2008

7:19 PM

taxes... not even legal.

  • Mood: Inspired
  • Music: Gaesa
  • Food: Lamb in a spicy tomato sauce, wtih pineapple and mango salsa
  • Drink: white tea
Jesus fuck, tax season... well, I'm done. All my paperwork is filled out, all I need to do is make serveral copies of several things, and off in the mail you go, never to cross my mind again... at least until next year.

The months between winter and true spring are almost always the most stressful for me. Life has just seemed too much to deal with in a normal day. I'm finding myself delaying simple tasks and chores for days and weeks. Laziness? I hope. I've gotten better this week, what with the end date for taxes coming up. But that's neither here nor there...

In re-reading old novels I haven't touched in almost 5 years, I've re-discovered a sense of enchantment. Fantasy worlds only half  remembered have sprung up fresh again, and with it remembering of my roots. I've become more creative at work, my writing is flowing easier, and I still can see the beauty in my world.  That is the most important, I think. Missing everyday miracles and enchantments is what dulls us. The use of the television to make up our imaginations is ruining our world. Along with sevreal dozen other evils... but I don't want to go there yet.

What I wanted to say now was that I started a sketch the other day. I haven't drawn in over 5 years, because I didn't think I was any good. Granted, it's not my best creative outlet, but to deny completely that medium was tantamount to heresy. It's based on a pun and I know many people who'd enjoy it. So, once it's finished I'lll borrow the scanner and post it.

But for now,... latest and not greatest but still inspired...

Worlds within worlds

tears and blood spawn life in fertile sacred grounds

The memories strong enough to blow us back a step

strike our guts and hearts

to say “This is truth, this is life

The other is a lie, a dream.”

Eat the forbidden fruit, drink blessed waters

see the clouds we hide ourselves in

Masks of faces so familiar we daren’t question

the smile so rare, a pocket in the eye that seems to glare

past the veil of intricacies, down to the simple earth hidden

Know for the first time, love


Bonus points if anyone, though very unlikely, can tell me what book I read to pull that vision out of.

Anyway, Dimmu Borgir this Saturday, and hopefully this time I will make it in, though I'm broke at the moment, so,... we shall see.

Also looking forward to seeing Opeth (courtesy of Lord Ace Venom for my birthday, thanks love!) and Eluveitie that same weekend. MSI and Dark Tranquility are both the week after my birthday that month, and hopefully I'll be able to catch those two.

I'll leave you with some new shit (at least for me) from a little punk band in SLC...

"Your only danger lies in safety" thats what she said to me. and life, it serves the risk taker, so lets see what we can be. grab a mask put on some black clothes and well paint some graffitti. join the infamous bike jihad, be all that you can be.

and we'll need love like this beating heart you see, it can kill you, or it can set you free. and we'll need violence like this bomb inside of me, it can kill you or it can set you free.

and so she grabbed me by the wrist and showed me something new. we fell in love and revolution, there was nothing we could do. this time of night always feels so right, and it always feels so true, your love it brings me freedom nothing else will ever do.

and we'll need love like this bomb inside of me, it can kill you, or it can set you free. and we'll need violence like this beating heart you see, it can kill you or it can set you free.

how can you be afraid if your life never even starts? we're the deadliest things in the world, f***in bombs and beating hearts.

and it just feels so right. how could it ever be wrong? and she and i we share a kiss as we light our fire bombs. and ill raise it to the sky and it's here in front of me. it can kill you or it can set you free!"

"Love is Freedom", Bombs and Beating Hearts, SLC. 

Check out their myspace...  http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=37376376
and... http://www.guerrillafolkpunx.org/

Twilight and Beauty,
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Wednesday, February 20th 2008

9:42 PM


  • Mood: entranced
  • Music: Geasa
  • Food: Olive ciabatta
  • Drink: who needs a drink when you have brie?
Ah ha, I knew, eventually, I'd get it back.

I'm not going to lie, or hide it anymore; I've had writer's block.
But, as I know myself, I knew some series of events, or particular people, would spark my mind once more.

It was tonight, a lunar eclipse, and for me unlike one I've ever seen. It started fast, as if the sun wanted to get the show over with and go back to sleep. Then as Sol moved away, Luna's glorious face shown bright and beautiful; glowing red, blushing, perhaps at the attention? As her normal soothing light once again became normal to the world, I glimpsed a bowl of crimson hidden in her belly, only lasted for a few seconds then was gone. It could have been a trick of my eyes, but I choose to believe otherwise.

The energy I felt as the two were entwined spoke to me of a balance to come. Hopefully in our current world, in our political and military worlds as well as the well being of the human race.
I heard it speak to me of, what else, .... and this poem is the result. Cleverly entitled

"Under a Hidden Moon"

Under a hidden moon she rises

Stumbling through darkened rocky walkways

Hungering for lustful embraces and soothing words.

A pain, sharp insistent bowl of longing inside her chest

Makes her gasp for the dark air,

Reach to the blackened skies for release

From hysteria brought about by Luna.

Dark Diana and Glorious Pan,

she the unseen voyeur

Of graceful orgies the gods performed

Out of pure joy and love.


Vines of ivy and wisteria climb the paths she tries to walk

And find the tears her heart may block

From ears eager to listen

To cries of whispered love untouched

Amber eyes, a glowing crimson mote within

Forecast of balanced intrigue

A sadistic arousal, masochism play

Entwining embrace

She sings, she runs, she falls exhausted to

a cold wet ground

Staring at eyes not there,

In forests and glades that have disappeared,

Water falling no one bothered to tell her

Had been dammed by the branches of doubt,

Branches of self-consciousness, of fear.


Through blessings or favor of Divine,

Luna deems to shine

Her glorious fullness

upon this lady’s fair face

As she sits in dampened grass,

Crying tears of bliss

and longing.

Lightened her countenance

Her mind became aware

Of the glowing beauty before her

In life and wild woods

In rocks and trees and shrubs

So she did not notice, enraptured at Nature’s ways,

When the object of her longing appeared

halfway through a blazing night, a shimmering light

A star burst at the energy captured between the two.

A blessed and enjoyable night to you all. I rest my mind and body with sleep.

Twilight and Beauty,





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Thursday, February 14th 2008

7:42 PM

Today is great.

  • Mood: giddy
  • Music: Moonspell
  • Food: curry
  • Drink: ah, agua
Fuck Valentines day. Ok, a "saint" was killed for his letters to a beloved, but that shouldn't be an excuse to spend ridiculous amounts of money on your current partner (or partners). I am a romantic person, as some of you may know, and I don't think that romance should be ignored every day of the year except for this one day in cold hard February. It's all commercialized bullshit, by Hallmark, by the chocolate companies, by the flower companies, and by diamond dealers. Diamonds! How many children or other enslaved people died to get that fucking rock on your finger! I will not condone slavery and mistreatment for luxury of people (mostly women) who have not known what it is like to work that hard, to be enslaved for greed. The card people-- corporate slavery,... and the chocolate and flower people get a break from me (for chocolate is an art, and farming is also hard and rewarding). But not roses! Fucking christ, roses are the most cliche and unoriginal gift ever. Anyone who has spoken to me on the subject knows my personal reasons for not liking roses as a gift, so I won't continue that now.

Nonetheless, I had a very rewarding and happy day. Not because it was the 14th of February. Freya's month, yes? A homage to all love deities, Frey, Freya, Aphrodite, Venus, etc etc I could name them all but I won't. You get the idea.

On a completely unrelated note: Shout out (or whatever) to those new people I've met and had the pleasure of getting to know, or soon to get to know. I've had lots of fun.

Work is work is work. I don't know if it's just me or if work is just supposed to suck sometimes.  I really love what I do, really.But it seems too much, sometimes. Other times not enough. Agh, I'm trying to accept it as just work, something everyone has to do and most people don't enjoy.

I've got pieces and lines of things I've written but none of it fits together. It's choatic and mostly totally unrelated subjects. So I won't try to piece something together just for you all to read, but know I'm working on it.

In case there is anyone I've not mentioned it to yet, I'm visiting Montana in the first week of June. In G-Funk for a few days, in Helena for a few days, may pass through Missoula if time allows. My friend Kim and I will be road tripping it, so bring your love by cause I miss you all very much.

I'll leave you with song, as per usual, and sip my tea and go to sleep.

"Oh! Insinuant tongue of Lilith Oh!
Virtuous Latin Langsuyar
Will you both drive me onto an Erudit Zenith?
Will I take part in the lybidious dances of Nergal?

I lust with thee.

Pictures, fetishes of luxury!
Does the incomparable beauty of Kali
Still adorn this grey heart, my own
Where the love of Lebasy Once shined Joy, now Sorrow...

I lust with thee.
These exquisite Icons of Impurity!


As I undress you of Pagan beauty
Who embrace my Sex with all your passion and strength
The lost chimera of Virginity will be your true purity
And thy Crownleyian erotic laws will rule at last! We, seekers can not deny...

That the Temptation of Samael Is thy Erotic law of every Man
And I will hesitate not to enter Hell
Where this dioniosiac fortune had ever dwell!
Oh! Phallus of Satanachia, possess with me
These cunted beings to their
End Until the Sunset of their resistance fall
Behind the flowers which adorn their head I lust with thee.
Everlasting seekers of Animality"

Moonspell, "
Tenebrarum Oratorium (Andamento II / Erotic Compendyum)", Under Satanae

Twilight and Beauty,

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Tuesday, February 5th 2008

9:24 AM

This is why I keep a myspace page

  • Mood: excited
  • Music: birdsong
Hopefully this will explain itself and why I'm going to be in a glorious mood all day....


New York, NY: Swedish progressive metal titans Opeth, often credited as being forward thinkers who are a genre of one, are proud to announce Watershed as the title of their forthcoming album, due out on Roadrunner Records on June 3, 2008.

The album, recorded in the band's native Sweden and produced by frontman/guitarist Mikael Akerfeldt and Jens Bogren, is a masterwork that follows the time-honored Opeth tradition; it's modern yet timeless, progressive yet paying homage to the sounds of classic rock. Watershed is truly one of those special records that cycles through a variety of moods, speeds and textures, complete with lots of subtleties and nuances of sound. Because of its expansive scope, Watershed is destined to land the album atop many "Best of 2008" lists. Album opener "Coil" is a gorgeous acoustic number, featuring local folk vocalist Nathalie Lorichs, while "Heir Apparent" will knock listeners unconscious with its blunt force metal. "Porcelain Heart" is an epic, thanks to its quiet-loud dynamic structure. Always one to defy the rules, Opeth posits sung vocals over artillery-like blast beats on "The Lotus Eater," cementing their reputation as innovators and redefiners.

Watershed combines elements of modern metal, prog rock, free jazz and hints of European folk music, all of which come together for a seamless, unique collection of songs that will leave an indelible mark upon all who listen. Watershed is the first Opeth release to feature new guitarist Fredrik Akesson and drummer Martin Axenrot and is the band's second album for Roadrunner Records. Watershed is the eagerly awaited follow up to 2005's critically acclaimed Ghost Reveries.

The complete track listing is as follows: "Coil," "Heir Apparent," "The Lotus Eater," "Burden," "Porcelain Heart," "Hessian Peel" and "Hex Omega."
Opeth will hit the road in April with Dream Theater, 3 and Between The Buried And Me.

Could the best day of my life be re-enacted this year or the next on that tour? Could it be bested, seeing how it's Opeth, and Dream Theater?

Time will tell.

Twilight and Beauty,

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Saturday, February 2nd 2008

6:42 PM

Bolg o' randomness

  • Mood: tired
  • Music: "Feed My Hungry Soul", LOA
  • Food: Tiramisu! Udon noodle soup
  • Drink: tea, tea, more tea
I am coming down with a cold and I'm praying it doesn't interfere with the show tomorrow. For those not informed, Black Dahlia Murder and 3IOB tomorrow evening at the Hawthorne Theater.

That woman fucking rocked my shit.

"As the cord pulls tighter, face is bleeding whiter and whiter, as the cord pulls tighter, spots in hell are whiter, and whiter..."

A prose writer gets tired of writing prose, and wants to be a poet. So he begins every line with a capital letter, and keeps on writing prose.
  - Samuel McChord Crothers

I don't care if you think I'm a hippie or a raver, Lords of Acid rock.

And I'm not a raver, and I may be part hippie.

Sleep eludes the ones who are excited about life, yes? I'm excited about everything in my life and I haven't been able to sleep much at all.

This is really happening to me:

Since when do people equate knowledge of what "your sign" means to knowledge of the Mayan Calender? Ignorance is not bliss, you will only be held back by it.

Ah, ok. Sleepytime tea kicking in,....

and off I go.

Twilight and Beauty,

I haven't had a drink in 2 weeks. Ok, i had one beer last week, but that's it. And I've hardly thought about it. Though now that I think on it, some Shiraz would be nice. Or Gewürztraminer. yum.

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